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CV Lima Mutiara Indomal hq is located in Tarakan City, North Kalimantan, Indonesia. Our Company began commercial operations in February 2013. Beginning with the purchase and sale of predatory species of sharks and rays, which we exported to various dealers such as South Korea, Sri Lanka, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Netherlands, Thailand, Taiwan, European Union and United States of America. We also have expanded our business in Jan 2017 by setting up our own collection centers in various island of Kalimantan , Sulawesi , Jawa , Papua , Bali and Sumatera into supplying local and oversea . We have all the proper catch and export permits for all fishes and will provide the necessary documents for exportation. We do not cordon or practice illegal method and unauthorized selling . Based in Indonesia since 2013, our professional network is linked worlwide. Our company strives to satisfy our customers to the fullest, to achieve this goal our company is consistently improving its quality of product and service, quality management system and works in compliance with current legislative regulations set the Indonesian Govt and other World organization . We have proven to be one of the top Indonesia exporter of quality and reliable of big fishes. Based on the principles of sustainability and ethically collected marine life in which we have complete control of the supply chain.

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