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We supply live Leopard shark, Nurse , Bamboo , Bowmouth , Shovel nose , Black tip , White tip, Eagle ray, Cow Nose Ray, Leopard Ray, Humhead Parrot and Napoleon Wrasse with CITES as well as other species to public aquariums as well as fish dealers, stores and private collectors.

We has been in the business of live fish for 6 years and are skilled pros with more than 5 years in shark collection for aquarias, commercial fishing as well as aquarium and practical live transport experiences.

We can supply the private aquarist as well as the public aquarium our large sharks have graced such public aquariums in Indonesia, Singapore, China, Taiwan , Korea , Malaysia , Sri Lanka , America and Europe.

We also started supplying live panilurus lobsters, wild caught coral trouts , clams and groupers for local and overseas seafood demands .

Based in Indonesia since 2013, our professional network is linked worldwide.

Our company strives to satisfy our customers to the fullest, to achieve this goal our company is consistently improving its quality of product and service, quality management system and works in compliance with current legislative regulations.

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